Information 2013

Initiatives for trade professionals

ConMarcheBio is the project organiser of the regional organic supply chain (pursuant to the Council Regulation (CE) no. 1968/2005 - PSR Marche 2007-2013 – DDS no. 25/2010 competition for quality regional farm produce supply chains), and therefore also promotes and coordinates information campaigns targeting all the self-employed farmers in the Marche Region who have joined the project. The main objectives of these initiatives are as follows:

  1. raising awareness of organic agriculture and in particular of the production of quality cereals amongst farmers
  2. disseminating knowledge of the cultivation and processing technologies and techniques envisaged and disciplined by the EC regulations 834/07 and 889/08, and by any other specifications set forth by other nations.

These and other activities will be carried out in the space of a year, in collaboration with graduates in agricultural science, as follows:

Informational meetings

These are meetings attended by the technical members of the cooperatives and, in any case close collaborators of the regional organic supply chain, who will be informed about the themes of the project approved. The meetings will be held over a year in all the offices of the cooperatives in the consortium. The title will be: “The regional organic supply chain: obligations and benefits of the direct participants”.
Participants: between 6 and 12.
Duration: at least 3 hours for each meeting.
5 meetings are planned.

Informational seminars

These target all the self-employed farmers who are members of the organic supply chain and will also be attended by external parties. Here too the seminars will be held over a year in all the offices of the cooperatives in the consortium. The title will be: “How to improve regional organic production: structural investments, promotion and research”.
Participants: around 10.
Duration: at least 4 hours.
5 Informational seminars are planned


Informational initiatives that serve to stimulate a dialogue between the beneficiaries of the supply chain; external speakers will be invited.
First convention (topic): “The organic supply chain in the Marche Region: from niche market to the agricultural sector which is driving the region”
Second convention (topic): “The prospects of the regional organic supply chain.” (December 2013)
Participants: around 50.

Guided tours of the processing facilities, open days

Guided tours of the processing and production centres in the organic supply chain in the Marche region and of the C.R.A. (Agricultural Research and Testing Council) in Rome.
Participants: groups of around 20 participants.

Specialist publications, bulletins, newsletters on themes related to the project

Publication of monographs on subjects closely related to the regional organic supply chain, with a minimum print run of 500 copies per issue.
Publications (topics):

  1. The reasons behind the regional supply chain project and presentation of the key players.
  2. Cultivation technique for organic cereals.
  3. Organic cereal storage and processing.
  4. The forgotten grains, now reinstated.
  5. The end products in the regional organic supply chain.