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Consorzio Marche Biologiche

English - Consorzio Marche Bio

CONSORZIO MARCHE BIOLOGICHE (CMB) is an agricultural cooperative founded by three of the leading cooperative farms in the organic cereals sector: Gino Girolomoni, Montebello, and La Terra e il Cielo.

CMB involves nearly 430 organic farms located in the Italian Marche region, covering a total of 35,000 hectares of cultivated land and processing 18,000 tons of agricultural products annually.

CMB’s mission is to support the ecological and digital transition of the regional agricultural system through specific actions in the areas of training, information, promotion, innovation, research, and corporate strategy consulting. For these reasons, CMB has established a PROJECT area to assist both its founding cooperatives and interested farms in participating in public calls at regional, national, and European levels. This includes providing the support of a team of professionals with strong expertise in project design, project management, and agronomic consultancy.
As a result of its activities, CMB has become a key stakeholder, participating in various institutional discussions at the local and national levels, alongside farms, policymakers, Italian universities, and research centers.

Additionally, CMB offers the opportunity to organize meetings, workshops, and incoming activities in the beautiful Marche countryside. They can host up to 40 people at Locanda Girolomoni (

List of Funded Projects:

HORIZON 2020: Call Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy (H2020-ISIB-2014-2015)
Project: Ok Net arable (ID 652654)
The overarching goal of the thematic network ‘OK-Net Arable’ is to enhance the exchange of innovative and traditional knowledge among farmers, farm advisers, and scientists to increase productivity and quality in organic arable cropping across Europe to meet future market demands. Total EU Contribution: €1,936,627, CMB EU Contribution: €78,018.

– Lead partner: Fano Municipality
– AICS contribution: €1,302,193, contribution to CMB: €50,000

FEASR Agriculture and Rural Development
Various projects in the field of research and innovation in agriculture, information, communication to reach new markets and consumers, and dissemination activities.
– Total public contribution: Approximately €4,000,000, with a total budget of around €9,793,000 in 2014-2020
– Total public contribution: Approximately €7,000,000 in 2022-2025

The CMB team can support the preparation and submission of proposals in the field of organic agriculture. They are available as information coordinators and to implement networks, transfer knowledge, and share good practices.

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Sede operativa: Strada delle Valli 21
61030 Isola del Piano (PU) – Italy
p.iva 02464490420
PIC N. 938062363
tel. +39 0721 1748630

CONSORZIO MARCHE BIOLOGICHE (CMB) is a leading agricultural cooperative in Italy, uniting nearly 430 organic farms across 35,000 hectares. CMB is dedicated to promoting ecological and digital advancements in the agricultural sector, actively participating in regional, national, and European projects. Their extensive experience includes EU-funded initiatives like ‘OK-Net Arable’ and collaborations with partners such as University and Public sector. CMB serves as a valuable resource for project development, knowledge sharing, and innovative solutions in organic agriculture.